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Some of the products that have been installed are listed below

Have a look at some of the Products which we have made happen for our customers. Customer-specific solutions and products from our standard range provide solutions for specific applications in a variety of industries.
Display stands
Blickle castors with an attractive design
Tablets and monitors are frequently used for presentations in today’s workplace. The display stands which are used to transport these systems are usually fitted with four swivel castors. Companies usually use these display stands for meetings, training sessions and customer consultations. Mobile stands are also a common sight in the medical sector and at trade fairs.

The wheels and castors which they use need to meet demanding requirements in terms of manoeuvrability while also having an appealing design. The castors are also frequently equipped with braking systems to ensure that display stands are fixed in place when necessary.

Display stands tend to use light duty wheels from the TPA and VPA series with a diameter of 50 mm or more in addition to synthetic castors from the Blickle WAVE and Blickle MOVE series with their modern and attractive design. All of these wheels and castors are non-marking, which is particularly important in advertising or medical applications. Blickle provides electrically conductive versions of these wheels and castors for applications where electrostatic charges have to be dealt with. They prevent electrostatic discharge, which can be painful for users and damage any electronic equipment being transported on the display stand. With a variety of light duty, compact and design castors and a wide range of fitting types, such as top plate fittings, bolt holes and plug-in pins, Blickle has the right solution for any display stand.

Workshop trolleys
Mobile storage solution for tools
Trolleys play an essential part in many workshops by ensuring that tools are well organised and easy to use. They provide mobile storage for a wide variety of tools and equipment. When fitted with high-quality castors, they are easy to move to wherever work is underway.

More than anything else, workshop trolleys need to be ergonomic. Assembling machinery and other workshop tasks frequently involve moving heavy parts around. The distance which these parts need to cover puts a lot of strain on workers. Workshop trolleys need to have suitable castors which are easy to operate to maximise efficiency and ergonomics by reducing this distance and taking the load off workshop employees.

That’s why treads made of standard solid rubber have proven themselves to be the best suited for wheels and castors on worktop trolleys. The soft tread used by the VPP and V series provides a high level of operational comfort and low noise levels, even when transporting heavy loads. The POEV series uses the particularly high-quality elastic solid rubber tread known as Blickle "EasyRoll" and is frequently used in workshops due to its smoothness and outstanding economic properties. The main advantage of this series is that the wheel makes work more ergonomic and easier for users by combining a particularly low level of rolling resistance with an ultra-high level of operational comfort.
Flight cases
Blue Wheels in the music and events industry
Flight cases are boxes and bags which provide a high level of stability and ensure that equipment and devices are transported securely. They are available in a wide variety of designs. The cases are the optimal solution for the storage and transport of electronics, instruments and a variety of other objects used in a wide range of industries. They are most frequently used in the music and film industry, the events industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering and trade fair construction sectors.

Large flight cases are also fitted with fixed castors to make them easier to transport. Blue Wheels are frequently used for this purpose, which are castors with a blue and particularly soft tread. The most important requirements are high load capacity, low rolling resistance and a particularly soft tread to keep goods safe. Blue Wheels frequently use braking systems to ensure that cases are stable.

The high-quality elastic solid rubber “Blickle EasyRoll” is particularly suitable for the castors used on flight cases. It provides a much lower rolling resistance and higher load capacity than standard solid rubber. In combination with a nylon wheel centre, the vulcanised 65° Shore A elastic solid rubber tyre (POEV series) provides a particularly appealing price-performance ratio in the 100 mm to 125 mm size range. Are noise reduction and damping characteristics important to you? Then our “SoftMotion” series is the right choice for you. The POES wheels with a tread and tyre hardness of 55° Shore A and a thicker tread cushion are the optimal solution for operational comfort and noise reduction. The automatic direction reset device (-RIR) is another important benefit for many case manufacturers as they can save space by being stacked.
Food production
Blickle castors meet demanding hygiene requirements
The food production industry uses a variety of trolleys, from transport trolleys through to storage trolleys and trolleys for handling materials. Blickle wheels and castors are used whenever an appealing design, high load capacities and a high level of hygiene are required.

In addition to meeting hygiene requirements, wheels and castors must provide a low level of rolling resistance, low-noise operation and rugged resilience. Whereas wheels and castors with polyurethane treads have already achieved a leading position in the traditional industrial sector because they combine high load capacity, a high level of floor surface preservation and low rolling resistance, the frequently humid environments in the food and hygiene sector often make hard plastic wheels the preferred option.

Blickle’s POTHS series with a soft thermoplastic polyurethane tread and the POBS series with a Besthane Soft® tread brings the comfort of polyurethane treads to the food industry. A particularly thick tread cushion made of the soft, reaction-injected premium Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane, which is cast onto a polyamide wheel centre, makes the POBS series ideal for use even in humid environments. In contrast to conventional wheels with polyurethane treads, these wheels are completely hydrolysis- and corrosion-resistant. Another plus is their high chemical resistance to many aggressive substances.
Loading trucks
Blickle nylon castors - resistant to chemical detergents
Loading trucks are frequently used in food processing facilities. The stainless steel trucks have a capacity of between 100 and 300 L. They are equipped with four wheels arranged in such a way that they can be tipped inside processing systems. These trucks use robust, impermeable and smooth interior and exterior panels which are quick and easy to clean.

Fully automated washing systems are frequently used to clean these trucks. The wheels and castors which they use also have to be easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents. The wheels also need to be particularly resilient and provide a smooth ride.

Nylon wheels and castors in the PO series with a corrosion-resistant ball bearing, corrosion-resistant roller bearing or a plain bore are perfectly suited for loading trucks. The wheels in the standard range are available in white and blue and are made from a high-quality impact-resistant nylon. This material provides a very low level of rolling and swivel resistance, in addition to an extremely smooth ride and abrasion resistance. The clear and simple surface texture of the wheel is also perfectly suited for cleaning. The wheels also have a high level of resistance to many aggressive substances. In some versions, the wheels can be reinforced with stainless steel fibres. This also means that any wheel fragments can be detected using metal detectors.
Medical devices
Blickle stainless steel and synthetic castors
Medical devices are a common sight in all medical fields, such as hospitals, care and rehabilitation environments. Medical devices come in all different shapes and sizes to meet the wide range of applications. Many devices are fitted with wheels and castors for ease of use and flexibility.

In addition to mobility requirements, there are a number of specific and stringent safety and performance standards which must be complied with in the medical sector. Before they are put on the market, they must meet all of the relevant regulatory requirements. This can affect how they are designed, developed and manufactured. This means that wheels and castors frequently need to have a modern and high-quality design, high-performance braking systems and surfaces which are easy to clean.

Blickle’s standard range of stainless steel castors meets all of these hygiene requirements. The chromium-nickel steel in the brackets and the corrosion-resistant and/or hydrolysis-resistant wheels provide a castor which meets the demanding hygiene requirements of the medical sector. Blickle also provides synthetic castors where both the wheel and the bracket are made from high-quality synthetic materials. In addition to traditional synthetic castors with a wheel (Blickle WAVE, Blickle FLOW), the clear design and high-quality surfaces of the Blickle MOVE twin synthetic castor set new benchmarks in terms of design. Blickle works together with renowned design studios, develops synthetic castors in its development centre and uses cutting edge manufacturing technology in its internal injection moulding facility to guarantee the excellent quality of its products.
Serving trolleys
Blickle castors for safe and quiet transport
Serving trolleys are used throughout medical and care facilities, the restaurant business and the hotel sector whenever food or dishes need to be transported safely and quietly. Serving trolleys come in an endless number of designs and have a wide variety of different features. There is also a lot of variety in terms of dimensions, cladding and load capacity.

Design and hygiene play a particularly important role when it comes to designing serving trolleys. This also applies to the wheels and castors involved. The systems involved also need to meet shock absorption and noise level requirements, in addition to providing a low level of rolling resistance.

Blickle’s elastic soft rubber SoftMotion series POES is the perfect choice for a wide variety of serving trolley applications. Thanks to its particularly high-quality blend of materials and extra-thick tread, the POES series provides a much higher level of noise reduction and a very low level of rolling resistance compared to standard solid rubber solutions. This makes the trolleys quiet and easy to move. The impact-resistant properties of the tread also protect the transported goods. Blickle uses the POBS wheel series in order to combine high load capacities with very low rolling resistance, a high degree of operational comfort and good floor preservation, even in hygienically sensitive areas like medical and care facilities. In contrast to conventional wheels with polyurethane treads, these wheels are completely hydrolysis- and corrosion-resistant.

The synthetic designer castors Blickle WAVE and Blickle MOVE provide an appealing and customisable design which is the perfect choice for serving trolleys with demanding design requirements.
Machine and systems engineering
With Blickle castors - reliable and mobile
Blickle wheels and castors have been used as standard components in a wide variety of machines and systems for decades. Development engineers across the globe place their trust in Blickle’s unique product range. Blickle provides an impressive total package of tried and tested standard products, tailored special solutions and comprehensive customer service. Blickle has the right solution for almost any machine or systems engineering application. Blickle castors get construction equipment, cleaners, packaging machines and many other systems moving and also keep machines functioning reliably as unseen guide rollers.

When it comes to the development and manufacture of heavy duty wheels and castors, Blickle has unique expertise in providing advice for large-scale industrial projects, e.g. sewage systems, tunnel boring machines and the wind energy industry.
Overhead conveyor
High speeds with Blickle guide rollers
Overhead conveyors are a well established system in the picking, storage and production facilities used by the aviation, finishing and automotive industries. Trolleys containing piece goods are moved with such conveyors by means of an overhead guidance system. The users of these systems benefit from a high level of flexibility when making changes to processes. They also gain a high level of efficiency without sacrificing production speed.

The wheels and castors used in the guidance and drive systems of overhead conveyors have to be capable of withstanding these high speeds on a 24/7 basis. Resilience and maintenance-free designs are also required in order to minimise system downtime. These systems are frequently used at every stage of production and assembly lines in the automotive sector. Because of this, the distances which they have to cover are substantial.

Guide rollers with Blickle Besthane® and Vulkollan® treads are particularly suitable for use in overhead conveyors due to their high dynamic load capacity and extremely low level of rolling resistance, which keep the systems functioning efficiently around the clock. With its extremely abrasion-resistant, 92 Shore A Vulkollan® tread, the FSVU series of guide rollers is a particularly good match for applications of this kind. The castors are casted onto a steel wheel centre, making them extremely wear-resistant and minimising the amount of maintenance required for these systems.
Sorting systems
High level of automation 24/7 with Blickle guide rollers
Sorting systems and guide rollers are used for applications where goods need to be transported to a specific destination with speed and precision, such as airport luggage sorting facilities, commercial package sorting facilities and goods sorting systems in logistics centres. The design and structure of these systems are usually tailored to specific applications. Nowadays, modern high-performance systems frequently automate steps in the sorting process which often had to be performed manually in the past. This optimises the flow of materials.

As sorting systems become more automated, they tend to run for longer, all the way through to a 24/7 operation. The speed at which the goods in these systems are transported is increasing all the time. These sorting systems require guide rollers which meet these demanding requirements and can also keep resources safe using rolling-resistance-optimised treads.

Blickle uses guide rollers with a high dynamic load capacity to reduce the heat which builds up when these systems are run for a long period of time at high speeds. The high-quality polyurethane tread used by the FPOB and FSVU series set new benchmarks in these areas. The FPOB series is made by casting the 92 Shore A Blickle Besthane® polyurethane-elastomer onto a high-quality nylon wheel centre. The FSVU series is a 92 Shore A polyurethane-elastomer Vulkollan® cast onto a steel wheel centre. Both guide roller series are extremely abrasion-resistant and provide a very low level of rolling resistance.
Blickle has five other guide roller series in its standard range.
Conveyor belt systems
Blickle guide rollers for 24/7 use
Conveyor belt systems are used to transport piece goods like containers in a factory as well as bulk goods like soil in large quantities. Blickle guide rollers are used across the world to keep goods moving within these systems.

To keep these systems operating efficiently, these guide rollers need to provide a low level of rolling resistance while also being maintenance-free, as they are frequently in operation around the clock. In order to be maintenance-free, the roller needs a high level of wear resistance. A high level of concentricity is also important in order to avoid downtime. Rollers with these characteristics make it possible to transport even sensitive goods with a high level of precision and a minimal level of noise.

Customers frequently turn to Blickle’s guide rollers whenever reliability and resilience are particularly important. The high-tech materials created in Blickle’s own development centre, our extensive experience in a wide range of applications and the ability to provide special solutions are the reasons why customers across the world trust the Blickle brand for conveyor technology applications. Blickle has seven different guide roller series: The comprehensive standard range includes the nylon FPO series, the FSVU series with a Vulkollan® tread and the hydrolysis-resistant FPOB series with a Besthane® tread, which is also available with a corrosion-resistant ball bearing.
Dollies are a quick and easy way to move lightweight containers and carriers. Dollies range in size from the dimensions of one or more small lightweight containers through to a half Euro pallet or an industrial pallet. They tend to use four swivel castors attached to a frame. Dollies can also be pulled with a tugger train using the drawbar. In this case, the dollies are fitted with two fixed castors to keep them on track.

The wheels and castors used by dollies have to meet a wide range of requirements to make sure that they are easy and flexible to use. Probably the most important consideration is ensuring a high level of manoeuvrability in all directions by minimising rolling and swivel resistance. Low-noise operation, electrical conductivity and compact designs are frequently required.

That’s why dollies frequently use wheels and castors made from nylon or polypropylene. These provide a very low level of rolling and swivel resistance and guarantee smooth motion on even surfaces. The softer alternatives of PATH with a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane tread and the TPA series with a thermoplastic rubber-elastomer are more suitable for uneven surfaces. Electrically conductive versions of both series are also available. Wheels with soft rubber tyres in the “Blickle SoftMotion” series are frequently used whenever it is particularly important to have a quiet tread.
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