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Authorized Distributor of BLICKLE In Indonesia
Blickle Softhane®  Wheel and castor series

Blickle Softhane® Wheel and castor series

for exceptional operational comfort

The polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Softhane® is one of the four polyurethane treads developed by Blickle. The positive characteristics of the tread are the end result of many years of optimisation. The extra-thick elastic tread guarantees excellent operational comfort. It is especially gentle on the floor, abrasion-resistant and quiet. The green colour does not leave any tracks and is also non-staining. Softhane® is resistant to a wide range of aggressive substances, with the exception of aromatic solvents, hot water or steam. For a detailed overview, please refer to the Blickle guide. An antistatic version with a grey tread is also available. Other Shore hardness values and special colours are available on request.

This tread is typically used for transport units and systems in the automotive industry, intralogistics and applications involving particularly sensitive goods.
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