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Compact and levelling castor series

Compact and levelling castor series

Small castors for a stable hold
Compact castors combine a particularly impressive load capacity with a low mounting height. Some of these castors can support loads of up to 700 kg, with a total height of just 112 mm. Compact twin castors can handle even more: up to 1750 kg with a total height of just 125 mm. They are perfectly suited for reducing the risk of tall and heavy furniture tipping over due to a high centre of gravity. That’s why they are frequently used for server racks or control cabinets. Compact castors are the first choice when significant load capacities are required despite space being at a premium, such as under a hospital bed.

Blickle’s levelling castors are the perfect solution for mobile equipment, transport units and machinery which are frequently moved and then locked in place. They are frequently used for mechanical engineering applications, such as packaging machines, lathes and laboratory equipment. The same castor can be used to both get them in motion and lock them in place elsewhere. There usually is not enough space to use levelling feet alongside the castors. That’s why both functions were combined in the levelling castor. In contrast to standard locking systems, the wheel is raised when the truck lock is extended, removing the load. This protects the wheel and prevents flattening. The truck lock also keeps units secure and stable, even when used on heavy machinery.

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