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Nylon wheels and castors

Nylon wheels and castors

for easy rolling on smooth surfaces
Nylon wheels are frequently used for industrial applications, particularly in areas where hygiene is important, such as the food industry. Nylon is resistant to a wide range of aggressive substances, has good rolling properties on smooth floors and is available in a variety of versions and dimensions. The white version is very popular as it makes dirt and dust easy to see. The material is not particularly suitable for applications involving high temperatures or uneven surfaces. When used in these circumstances, the material requires a significant amount of force to push and pull loads and can produce a considerable amount of noise. Nylon wheels and castors are frequently used for packaging machines or in the automotive industry. They are also commonly used for stainless steel containers or machinery which is normally left in a stationary position, such as laboratory equipment. In addition to standard nylon versions, Blickle also provides heavy duty series made of compressed cast nylon or nylon with a rubber damping ring for lower noise emissions.
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